I’ve been designing in some capacity for most of my life.  While other little girls played with their Barbie dolls, I built them houses out of my parents Britannica Encyclopedias.  I began painting with my artist grandmother at a very early age, and I knew how to tell the difference between an allen wrench and a screwdriver by the time I could ride a bike.  

I received a Bachelors degree in real estate finance and development from Cornell University after which I graduated from the New York School of Art and Design's Interior Design program.

I’ve had almost two decades of experience managing budgets for clients and making sure that my work exceeds expectations. I’m really good at working under pressure and I always get the job done.

I’m also a wife and mommy of three (four if you count my dog, which I do!), and I know that there’s nothing more important than making sure my family is happy, comfortable and safe.  My goal is that you feel the same way in your home.